Cowel Towel Blue

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Absorb sweat in style wearing our Blue Cowel Towel!

• Infinity design always stays put

• Absorbs sweat during intense workouts

• Microfiber fabric is lightweight and absorbs moisture well

• Hooded design helps keep head warm when working out in cooler weather

No matter how intensely you may be working out, this microfiber workout towel stays with you because of its innovative infinity design. Simply the best workout towel available, this lightweight microfiber gym towel easily absorbs sweat. Due to its connected design, you will never have to worry about leaving your small sports towel in the gym again.  Featuring a hooded design, this athletic towel keeps you warm when you are working out in cooler weather as well. Wick away sweat wearing this sports cooling towel so that you can push your next workout to the limits!

• Color: Blue

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Seafoam Green

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